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Published on November 14, 2009 By Zoologist03 In Poetry
It is that time of night again,
Suffocating and inky black.
The moon hidden from sight,
Strange chills up your back.

Walking along now,
Down this lonely street,
With its flickering, dying lights
You are quick to move your feet.

A sound from behind
Or was it from beside?
Adrenaline, heart pumping,
You increase your stride.

Real or imagined,
You cannot say.
Fear fills you,
And there it stays.

Almost home now,
Letting your guard down.
Something tugs at you,
You turn around.

There is only darkness,
Empty, cool air.
You look harder still,
But nothing is there.

Back you turn,
To go on your way.
A strange face now greets you,
Long, flat, and grey.

A scream rises in your throat,
But you choke it down.
You manage a “H-h-hello.”
But the face makes no sound.

Thin arms and legs,
With a torso much the same.
A strange, ethereal person,
Stretched over a spindly frame.

You try to look away,
But curiosity drives your gaze.
You look into the eyes,
And find a dark, hungry glaze.

You find you cannot move,
As clawing fingers take hold.
A thin smile across this face,
Leaves you terrified and cold.

Expanding and stretching,
This cavernous yawn.
Hot tears sting your eyes,
And into Him you are drawn.


on Nov 14, 2009

Been awhile since we heard from you Zoo, glad to see you're still kicking around!

on Nov 14, 2009

Yeah, still kickin'. 

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